Thursday, January 31, 2013

Flower Nail Art - As Inspired By Robin Moses

Today I'm sharing with you some nail art, inspired by the amazing Robin Moses video tutorial here. Mine ended up being a little busier than hers, but I was pretty pleased with how it turned out considering it was my first time at this particular look. I wasn't super happy with my brushes, so I'll probably be stalking Michael's again for some better art brushes and more shades of acrylic paint to experiment with.
I started with a regular coat of Cult's Fetish, dabbed on a small amount of Blaze and used acrylic paints to make the design then topped it off with a coat of Wicked Fast Dry top coat. I know you're not supposed to use a top coat with Fetish, but I just didn't care for the matte look with the art work.
And despite my poor little middle finger nail on my right hand that got ripped off when I was cleaning last week, I am including a photo of my right hand!
What's on your nails this week??

Saturday, January 26, 2013

6 Harts Continued - Stamping with BCC

Just a quickie to day kiddos as I hadn't originally scheduled this post but after playing around some more with the polishes from 6 Harts Craft Company (found Here on Etsy) I just couldn't wait to share with you the manicure I discovered. 
This my friends, is two coats of Glacier, stamped in Bat Crap Crazy with GA 30 - a coat of Secret Galaxy. Then I fished out some moon, diamond and star glitter from Revlon's Celestial FX, and topped it off with HK Girl. Bat Crap Crazy stamped so very well, it was easy to transfer and didn't dry too quickly on the stamper, but didn't take to long to finish drying after I applied it to my nail. (please pardon the crappy stamping on my middle finger, haha)
Isn't it beautiful?!?!? I can't stop looking at my fingers - the pictures just don't do it justice, they're just fabulous!
First photo is outside light, with cloudy skies, the second is inside natural light and the last photo is direct sunlight.


Friday, January 25, 2013

6 Harts Craft Company - Polish Reviews

Hello again my lovies - I hope you had a great week and have had the time to paint your nails and creating beautiful manicures.

Today's post is courtesy of 6 Harts Craft Company which you can find on Etsy. I was really excited when the dear owner of 6 Harts replied to my inquiry about doing some reviews on her polishes, and boy did she ever have such amazing polishes for me to sample!

First up is Bat Crap Crazy - and I have to say, this is one of my favorite polish names! BCC is a beautiful dark espresso colored polish with subtle gold and copper micro glitter that covers beautifully with just one coat super easy formula and smooth finish. This is Bat Crap Crazy without a top coat as I wanted to give you the natural state of this polish. I'm excited to use this as a base for some nail art and stamping. I'll post those another time ;-)

This milk chocolaty goodness is Cinnamon Glow. This rich brown polish holds emerald, red and gold glitter to make it dazzle just right. I'm not a brown girl, but I do like this polish. This is two coats (though one would be fine) and no top coat. Seriously, can't you taste the hot chocolate with cinnamon sprinkled in it swirling in your cup?  

This is probably one of my favorite polishes of 6 Harts - Glacier. What more perfect name could there be for this shimmering white polish with stunning aqua blue and forest green flecks for a must have white in your collection. This is two coats (again one would be opaque) without a top coat. I've purchased a full bottle of Glacier for a polish friend, but I'm definitely going to be needing a full one for my stash too.

The next three polishes are toppers - beautiful, beautiful polishes that are best layered, but also can be worn solo for a more subtle, shimmery look for a mani that requires not so much flare. I will warn you though, even worn solo, these polishes are not to be taken lightly for they will deliver either a stunning addition to your colored lacquers or keep your glittery/holo/shimmery needs for some kind of sparkle (even for the most serious of workplaces) satisfied.

First up is Moon Shadow - an ultra fine holo that is made to dazzle your finger tips. Truly, this delivers a heavenly, moonlit shimmer to any fingertip.
 6 Harts made this lovely topper lean towards the purple polish painters (pay attention Amy darling) but for this I've used one coat of Ulta's Wicked and an easy layer of Moon Shadow, with no top coat. I foresee this stunning combination as the canvas for many nail art manis!! Moon Shadow has a fabulous formula, just the right consistency but it does dry quickly.

Next I have Secret Galaxy. Which, when you have this baby on your nails, will certainly not keep your love of polish a secret.  This marvelous duo chrome is geared towards the Blueys of the nail polish lovers and is guaranteed to blow your socks off. I've layered Secret Galaxy over one coat of Nails Inc. Baker Street and it's just takes my breath away. Secrets formula is perfect just like Moon Shadow, it applies like a dream and dries quickly.

What Halo?! is sure to be a perfect add to your collection. Sporting duo chrome and holographic sparkly goodness, I used What Halo?! over Zoya's Asia for a bright golden look with plenty of attitude (pardon the staining of my fingers, my 6 year old was at the table with me, thus making it very difficult to keep a steady hand-I'll have more pictures on the polishes once my new light box is up and going)
There you have it my lovies, these are six of the eight polishes that 6 Harts Craft Company has to offer, with such a great formula, beautiful colors, pigments and sparkelies, she gets an A + from me. There is also a few jewelry items for sale at her Etsy shop here.  I would definitely recommend her shop, she's a doll to converse with and fabulous customer service. The only downside is 6 Harts does not ship internationally; better start hitting up your swap buddies, ladies! :-)


Monday, January 21, 2013

Nail Art Society - Layla Metallic

Hellooooo my lovely friends. As you may have seen, I've decided on a change of name for my little blog - while I'm certainly still a novice in nail art, I've started doing more reviews of polish and makeup so I felt like it was time for a look and name change to reflect the changes in my blogging.

Today's post is courtesy of my subscription to the Nail Art Society. I was pretty impressed with this months products, although I was skeptical at the magnet polish at first. I've seen the trend and how almost every major brand has released a magnetic polish product, but honestly I haven't been interested in it until I received this. And of course it's blue, so how could it go wrong? :-)
 The contents of this months envelope: Layla Mageffect in -7 Metallic Sky, Cherimoya nail art striping polish in black, 12 clear swarovski crystals, and Stella Beauty Products tweezers.
It took me a couple of tries on one finger to decide which direction I wanted the magnet effect to display, and settled on an angled effect, which I found to be absolutely beautiful. I was shocked at how shiny the polish was even after it dried, and I was temped not to do anything further with it, but the crystals were very tempting. The first photo is one thick coat of the Metallic Sky with the magnet effect, and one coat of HK Girl. The end result is like looking at a blue cats eye chrysoberyl on your finger.
On my ring finger I used Essie's No Place Like Chrome with Cheeky plate 26. Then I used some nail glue to apply a crystal to one of the dots, and used Sinful Colors Dream On, Barry M in Blueberry i/C and Sally Hansen QuickDry in Blue By to accent the dots in the stamp. I decided not to use the striper this time, I felt like there was enough dark color in the polish itself. I sealed the ring finger with another coat of HK Girl, and went around the crystal instead of over it.
I'm really impressed with this polish, it was just the right consistency to work with and the magnet on the cap is easy to grip and place. The only suggestion I would have for the magnet, is that there could be some guides/grids around the sides of the cap to help you position the magnet easily instead of eyeballing it.
Never the less, this polish will be in my favorites bin - I may even purchase a couple more in different colors.
Let me know what magnetic polishes you have tried and liked, I'd like to check some of the other out!
Happy Monday everyone! xxoo


Monday, January 14, 2013

Picture Polish - White Wedding with Nail Art

Today my friends, I have for you Picture Polish's White Wedding as a base for some basic nail art. White Wedding is a collaboration polish from Llarowe, and can be purchased from Llarowe on their website. This little beauty I've been lusting after ever since I saw The Crumpet review it on her blog, Here.
 I swapped for White Wedding with the most lovely Sara from Australia whom I met in a Facebook group. Dear Sara was kind enough to take a chance on me swapping for this and a few other polishes, while I sent her some polishes from the States. It was soooooo exciting to get a package from my other home country, Australia with such lovely goodies in it!!!
White Wedding, per Picture Polish is described as a  'platinum white with rainbows' and even that seems to be an inadequate description of this amazing shade. To me, it looks like a marshmallow dazzled in opalescence glitter. It's so difficult to capture this shade with a camera, yet on your fingers it just doesn't stop 'glowing.'
This is 3 coats of White Wedding to make it mostly opaque, thought there was still some visible nail line. Using China Glaze Aurora, and another polish Flash 619, that Sara sent me, to make the dots and feathering on my ring finger. Topped off with China Glaze First and Last. Apologies for the cut on my left hand pinkie and the 'wrinking' on my left hand ring finger, I didn't polish down my Orly Nail Rescue well.
If you love or even just 'like' white polish, I encourage you to add Picture Polish's White Wedding to your collection, to me it is a must have of white shades.
Happy Monday Everyone!!! xo

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sea Lore - Wintry Friends

Today I have for you three polishes from Sea Lore's Wintry Friends collection; Glacial Grayling, Snowy Seal and Wintry Whale. I was once again drawn to the amazingness that is Sea Lore polish when she ran a special on them, which I was already struggling not to give in to, but after all the reminders on Instagram, I finally gave in. Oh how I'm not sorry I did!!! All 3 of these polishes can be worn on their own or layered over a similar supportive color. My swatches are here all solo. I also noticed that they have a slight texture to them when there's just 1 layer of top coat over them. A second top coat would smooth them out further, but I liked the way they felt. It was also nice to see how well the glitters settled on my nail, some of them landed on the free edge at the end of my brush stroke but it wasn't hard to gently push them back and they settled nicely back into the polish.

First up is Glacial Grayling - a beautiful downy feather gray base with medium square and multi-colored micro glitter. This is 3 easy coats with a HK Girl as a top coat. The formula was fabulous to apply, I didn't have to fish for the medium squares and it dried very quickly.

This lovely shimmering beauty is Snowy Seal - a stunning silvery base with white, silver and dark gray glitter. Here we have 3 coats with HK Girl topcoat, again no trouble at all with the formula and dried well. I'm not a huge silver polish fan - at least not just solo - but this polish just took my breath away when I put it on. I seriously had wished that I'd done it last so I could have been done with my swatching and applied it to both hands. I've kept this one up on my shelf next to my table for the next time I change my polish. ;-)

And last but certainly not least, is Wintry Whale - a deep gray-blue shimmer with a variety of blue glitter. Again, this is 3 coats with 1 coat of HK Girl over the top. I really loved how accurate this color is from the bottle to your nails - keeping the same look wearing it as it is on display.  Being the blue girl that I am, I was not disappointed with this polish, however, I must confess that out of all of these, Snowy Seal is still my favorite.


If you haven't checkout Sea Lore yet, you're missing out on a great indie polish maker with beautful products. I'm looking forward to her future creations.
Happy Weekend Everyone! Be safe! :-)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Influenster Holiday VoxBox 2012

I am not ashamed to admit that I squealed when I got an email stating that I'd been picked to recieve a VoxBox from Influenster. Seriously, who wouldn't want free products to try and review?!?
I received in my VoxBox a $25 discount for Sole Society (shoes, very cute ones I might add), NYC New York Color Lipshine in Nude York City, Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Mud Mask, EBOOST Dietary Suppliment in Aci flavor, Kiss Nail Dress in Chemise, and Quaker Real Medley Oatmeal + in Peach Almond/
Ok, so on to the review!

First up is the Quaker Real Medley in Peach Almond. Now I love oatmeal, and I've been really happy with some of the flavors that Quaker has come out with, but I hadn't paid much attention to these individual cups before now. I used this cup for an afternoon snack, so it was about 3pm. There were 2 sets of instructions, 1) add boiling water to the line inside the cup, replace the lid and wait for about 3 minutes 2) add water to the line in the cup and with the lid off, microwave for 45 seconds and let stand for 1 minute. I did the firs set of instructions and used my handy dandy Keruig to add hot water to the cup and let it set the appropriate amount of time. When I removed the lid, it smelled amazing and the consistency was perfect for me, not to soupy but not either. This oatmeal wasn't too sweet, but it had just the right amount of peach tidbits and almond slices to make it more than just regular old oatmeal. My one drawback is that I don't like water in my oatmeal, and I knew this going in, but I decided to follow the instructions. For the consumers that do prefer water, I don't think you will be disappointed with this product.
As a side note, I did purchase a different flavor, the Summer Berry and used milk in place of the water and used the microwave directions - it was perfection! The consistency stayed the same but had the added flavor of the milk which I love. These would be perfect for work or on the go, especially on the go with the lids, as the container is small enough to fit well in your hand, but large enough with the right portion of oatmeal that it doesn't make the cup to full and cumbersome.
For this product, I would give it an A+ and I will be purchasing it again.

I will tell you that I had high hopes for this product when I first found it in my VoxBox. I followed the directions on their website found here and I was pleased with how easy they were to apply, however, even though I followed the directions carefully, I was disappointed that after only 2 hours of being on my nails they started to lift from my cuticle and free edge, when for those 2 hours I was blogging about another review. Perhaps they aren't meant for long term wear, but I would have hoped that they would have at least lasted a day longer than 2 hours. These are beautiful wraps, and the others on the website also, but I wouldn't recommend this product nor will I be purchasing them when they only last a few hours. This product gets a C from me. 

This product is probably my newest favorite thing. It is Goody's Quickstyle brush with microfiber in between the regular bristles. I tested this on clean damp hair and used this with my blow dryer with much skepticism, but  let me tell you my friends, I LOVE this brush. I have pretty thick hair with a length between my shoulder blades and waist. Without a doubt it helped cut my blowout time, normally it takes me about 20 minutes to dry my hair with my regular brush and blow dryer but with this brush, it took me about 13 minutes. The brush advertises that it also adds body/volume to your hair and because my hair is pretty thick, I was a little concerned that it would be too much and I'd end up with a white girl's 'Fro going on, but I was very surprised to find that it added just the right amount of volume to my hair, especially around the crown. The brush is very light and easy to use with a ergonomic handle that fits well in my hand.  I can see this as being a permanent tool in my haircare routine. To the right is a rather fuzzy picture of what my hair looks like right after I blow dried it with the Quickstyle. This product gets an A+ 
Picture on the left is right after I blow dried my hair. Picture on the Right is after I flat ironed it. As you can see there's not that much difference. My hair wasn't as frizzy as it usually is right after I blow dry it.

 This interesting little card is for the Sole Society, an online store for shoes - very cute shoes I might add! I've only just perused it right now but I think I will be purchasing a pair of shoes from them soon. I'll update when I decide and try them. 
Do I really need to explain a chocolate mask?!?! I mean, it's chocolate, nuff said, right?
Well, let me tell you, Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Mud Masque was amazing not just to smell the chocolate, but to feel on my face. It went on smoothly and wasn't goopy, it also dried well and was easy to remove (for a mud mask) nor did it dry my face out or make it feel itchy at all. I was careful to use about half of this package, so I have the rest of it for another time, and I'm already looking forward to it! I will give this an A+

Up until this VoxBox, I hadn't heard about EBoost and did a little reading on their website about the product here. I used this while I was a work, and followed the directions which was to add it to water. I usually keep a 24 ounce reusable cup with me for water, which is what I used for the EBoost. I thinking that it's one of those things that you might need to use continuously to notice a big difference. While I'm happy to report that it didn't make me jumpy or give me nervous energy (like I'd just taken an energy drink) I didn't necessarily notice a big difference in my energy or attention. However, as it didn't give me the jitters, I would probably be interested in seeing how it works long term. I'm giving this a B for having a positive experience with one packet.

And last but not least, is my new favorite lip shine, NYC New York Liquid Lipshine in Nude York City. NYC's website is here and I recommend checking out all their cool colors of lipshine. I fell instantly in love with this product, the formula is perfect, it's not to thick or thin and the sponge applicator is perfect, and it smells like vanilla caramel candy. This little guy stays in my purse 24/7 now, and has become my go-to lipshine.

So there is my review of most of the products in my Influenster Holiday VoxBox 2012. All of these products are reviewed with my honest opinion, and while the products were donated to me, I've received no compensation for the review.
Let me know what you think if you've tried any of these products or if you have any questions. :-)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

OPI Mariah Carey - The Liquid Sand Collection

For today, my lovely friends, I have the new Mariah Carey Collection from OPI. These are the 'Liquid Sand' polishes, so if you like the feel of different texture over your nails, these babies are for you.
First up we have Can't Let Go -- a fabulous grapety-grape purple with a generous variety of matte glitter. The formula was wonderful to work with, this is 3 thin coats, but it could be done with 2 regular coats to be opaque. The brush on this mini had a couple of wonky bristles, which I clipped off, but I didn't have any trouble with the rest of the brush after that.

Next up is Get Your Number, and let me tell you, if you are a blue girl/guy, this polish will most definitely have your number! This is a beautiful, bright and deep water ocean blue jelly that I just couldn't take my eyes off of. This is 3 thin coats, and while I'm noticing my nail line in this photo, I didn't notice it at all personally. I'm sure you could make it more opaque with thicker coats, I was just impatient this night. lol. I foresee this having my number in a full size bottle ;-)

This come-hither polish is Stay The Night, which is a sexy, vampy black polish with just the right amount of red matte glitters in it. I'm already in love with dark polishes, and a full size bottle of this baby is just a no-brainer! (I'm also thinking of desecrating the textured surface of this polish for some art deco style nail art?!?!)

And last but certainly not the least of these lovely trendsetting polishes is The Impossible, a perky raspberry jelly that is a guaranteed pick-me-up color. I really like the scattered darker glitters that help to bring out the color. This polish was a little harder to cover up my nail, thus a more visible nail line - this is 3 regular coats and the nail line was still as visible in person as it is here on the picture. Nevertheless, I still love it. I can totally see this being a great spring color. (and possibly another desecrated surface for nail art?!?)

If you're not sure about these polishes, go for the minis - it's a good deal at about $12 and if you just swatch a couple of fingers to see if you like it, you can always gift it or sell it!
As for me, I won't be parting with my minis, and will probably be getting a full size bottle of Get Your Number and Stay The Night.
Cheers everyone! Happy Wednesday!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Rainbow Honey - The Yokai Collection

I was fortunate (or as my wallet would rebut, unfortunate) to receive an email the other day from Rainbow Honey with a discount code in it. So naturally, I went to their site and ordered the new Holiday Collection and a couple of minis from the Equestria and Chrono Cross Collections, and of course I had to throw in a couple of cuticle balms for good measure.
While I was perusing the rest of the site, I was so excited to see that they have the Yokai Collection back in the shop.
Since my friend Amy turned me on the the marvelousness that is Rainbow Honey nail polish, I have been most impressed with the polishes I have from them, however, I must say that this collection is by far my favorite.

This is Rainbow Honey's packaging - isn't it gorgeous!
This beautiful bluesy is Kawako - the River-Child in Japanese folklore. According to legend, the kawako is a Suijin, or water deity and can have green, yellow (or as in this case) blue scales. Personally, I think a deep scaly blue is  perfect description for this polish, with an armour like depth to the color and fabulous blue shimmer and an occasional flake.
Here we have the elegant and illustrious Kitsune, the Japanese word for fox. More specifically for this spectacular polish, Kitsune is a magical 9 tailed spirit being - having 9 tails to reflect it's wisdom and power. Just imagine what it reflects on your 10 fingers!
 In Japanese folklore, the Kitsune has stories that portray it as a trickster and prankster; while others associate it with friendship, guardianship, lovers and wives. Whichever you maybe feeling; tricky, friendly, protective or sexy, this polish will step up to the line with you. Kitsune is packed full of stunning fine gold glitter, with an assortment of medium glitters such as blue, red, copper, orange, and green.

 And finally, but not least of all these lovely polishes, is Oni - the Japanese demon, devil, ogres and tolls! Rainbow Honey labels this as a Malevolent Wild Demon - and while I agree with their description that this is certainly not a hideous color, I do think that it could bring out the wild side in it's wearer. ;-)
Oni is a mysterious, deep charcoal green color with a beautiful compilation of glass flecks and a shimmering color display that will turn up the level of wickedness Oni rocks on your fingertips. (wink wink)

Well my scaly, foxy, wicked friends - that is my review of Rainbow Honey's Yokai Collection. If you were greedy enough to snag these beauties up, you already know you're not disappointed. If you didn't order these, grab what you can from the website and beg from your polish friends that did! 
 (sorry, that must be the Oni in me peeking out)   ;-)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year's everyone! I hope you were able to ring in the new year with great friends and families, or at the least, a great mani ;-) So many exciting things happened in 2012, I'm excited to see how 2013 turns out.
For today I have my New Year's mani; I did a gradient with three of my favorites from Zoya; Aurora, Storm and Blaze from the Ornate Collection. I love love love these colors and I was so pleased with how the gradient turned out.
I started out with 2 coats of the Aurora, then sponged on Storm for the middle layer and Blaze for the tips. Then topped it off with Seche Vite. I was also impressed with how well this mani wore. Unfortunately I had to get to cleaning a condo my hubby was working on so even with gloves, after a 10 hour day, there was only minor tip wear and no chipping.

Needless to say, Zoya remains one of my favorite mainstream brands of nail polish. I've yet to have a polish of theirs I don't like or have had trouble with.
Many happy wishes for you and your families for the new year my lovely friends!
May your acetone be strong enough to remove your glitter swiftly and your polish formula always be smooth! ;-)