Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mentality Nail Polish - Metallics Collection

Back again with some more Mentality polish reviews; Desire, Envy and Lust are all from the Metallics Collection.

First up is flush with Desire, which is a stunning golden orange with gold flecks, looking as beautiful inside the bottle as on your nails. I think that Desire is the kind of color that can be used for all seasons; alone for a splash of color, or pair it warm, cool or neutral colors to match with whatever style you're sporting.
This bottle of Desire went on smooth and even, and has a beautiful finish, with or without a top coat.  In this photo, I applied three coats of Desire, but it is opaque in two, and a top coat on my first and ring finger.

Next up, we have green as Envy which is a beautiful yellowish green with gold flecks. It makes me think of the metallic pears you can get from Pier Once for the holidays, only better since it's for your nails :-) This is two coats, and perfectly opaque. A top coat on my first and ring finger, just for comparison.
Envy went on perfect as well, no issues whatsoever.  
And last, but certainly not lease, is pink with Lust.
 Lust is probably one of my favorites of the Metallics Collection with it's pink rusty color and gold flecks. It went on smooth as silk, and dried quickly. This is three coats, but Lust is easily opaque with just 2, I just liked the third coat to deepen the color.
 It reminds me of the 'Blackout' Asiatic lilies in the summer grocery store bouquets, minus the metallic sheen .
Here ends the Metallics Collection from Mentality Nail Polish, on BigCartel, and  Mentality Nail Polish on Etsy. Don't forget to check out their Facebook page too!
Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. Those are beautiful colors and they all look great on yr nails =)