Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mentality Nail Polish - The Metallics Collection

Hello my friends! Hope you all are having a wonderful day. :-)

Today, I have a review over 2 of 9 polishes that I've swatched this week.
 I got brave and started contacting some polish sellers on Etsy to see if I could review some of their products. The lovely polish makers at Mentality Nail Polish replied, and I immediately ordered their Metallic and Brilliant Collection. Metallics has 5 polishes, Covet, Crave, Desire, Envy and Lust, and the Brilliant Collection has Elation, Euphoria, Fervor and Rapture which can be found on  Mentality Nail Polish Shop at BigCartel, an Etsy Shop Here, and a Facebook page Here. 

First up is Covet, from the Metallic Collection. Covet is a beautiful light green with gold flakes, and while I'm not a big green polish girl, I really like this one.
The formula for Covet was a bit of a struggle for me, the first time I applied the first coat, it got bubbly and uneven. It's not too thick or thin, so I figured I had applied it too thick and removed it to try again. This time I did a thin coat, made sure it was dry before I applied the second coat, but the second coat bubbled on a couple of my fingers again. The third time it went on smooth as silk and no bubbles. Who knows what happened, but I'm pretty sure that it was an error on my end. I tried one with and one without a base coat, but I had a base coat on the third try, so I don't believe the base coat was reacting adversely to the Covet to cause bubbling.
So here we have the final result; 2 easy coats made it opaque and I had no trouble on this third application. There is coat of Seche Vite on my first and ring finger. The top coat, in my opinion, makes the polish really come out, though I like it bare too. It seemed that, especially when I was taking pictures, that it kept my nail from glaring so much and in turn really brought out the holo effect in the polish without taking away the dazzling suede-ish effect.


Next up, is Crave which is also from the Metallic Collection.  Mentality describes Crave as 'a light purple with gold and blue undertones and gold flakes' and while I full heartily believe that it is the Maker's right to describe their polishes as they see fit, I didn't really see the purplish in Crave. To me it was more of a pinkish, rosy flesh tone, which I do love. I can foresee this being the base of many girly manis ;-).
This formula was flawless and I had no trouble with bubbles. Again, there is a top coat on my first and ring finger.


So what do you think? I've been playing with a home made light box, how are my pictures doing? Are these better or worse than the others I've been posting?
 Toss me all the thoughts and tips you can, I'll happily accept them all!!!!

Happy Saturday my friends! Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


*These products were purchased by me for an honest, unbiased personal opinion of these products*



  1. Metallic are hard to photograph and those polish are gorgeous. I only tried out the Brilliant Collection and have not yet tried out these babies. Look like they are in my next to wear polish list. I heard these babies are good for stamping too, I might want to try it :)

    Think the light box is good when u have a lot of backgound mess but so far, all the pictures are looking good. hehe keep them coming Charis :)


  2. Oh my yes they are hard to photograph! I'm glad they are looking ok, I was really impressed with the my little lightbox, but man those metallics are making me work for a good shot! That was just a couple of the 7-10 I took!
    I'm glad you enjoyed it! The next 3 are up tomorrow :-)

    1. And I've been eyeing them for stamping, I think I'll be trying that out on my next mani ;-)

    2. Good good I would love to see your nail art :) Hope its Christmas theme mani~!! wooo lets count down to Christmas~!!

  3. Danny had a hard time photographing this collection, too. The polish looks different from different angles. Great review! I love these colors on you! Thank you for pointing out your application issues. I noticed that thin coats worked best, and sometimes an air vent can cause the bubbling. I think you're right about the pinkish tint to Crave. I am going to take your advice and change the description to reflect what you and other bloggers have pointed out about this color's description.

    1. Well then I don't feel so bad about the photos, if you had trouble photographing them. :-)
      I'm so glad you liked it, I really LOVE these polishes and have used all of them again since I've posted this.
      I was sitting next to a vent actually, so I'm glad to have that tip for the future!
      I'm so excited to see what you have in store for your future products! :-)