Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Time to get my purple on!

So my UK polish sister Amy, who just did a guest post for me, was so sweet to me and bought me a couple Rainbow Honeys I was lusting after (well, one of many) Mare of the Moon and The Element of Magic. 
Rainbow Honey's website can be found here. She's just introduced the Yokai Limited Edition collection to her site, and WOW. I'm having that on the way soon too! (ignoring the growling and nasty snarls from my pocketbook)
Anyhoo, I scooped up The Element of Magic out the other day and decided to really see what it could do. I do love it solo - but I decided that I would try a little background shade to really bring out it's Magic, enter Wet n Wild's Megalast in Disturbia. Now I'm not a huge fan of the Megalast's brush, but I'm getting better at it.
So I did 1 coat of Disturbia, and then layered 2 coats of Element of Magic, with a top coat of Butter London's Hardwear Quick Dry top coat.
Isn't it fabulous?

I wore EOM for a couple of days and then my brain started wondering if I could stamp over it. So I spent some time looking over my stash to see what would work - low and behold I came across Essie's Nothing Else Metals and used it with Nailz Craze NC02 and topped it off with another quick coat of BL's quick dry. I had started out only stamping my ring finger for accent, but once I stamped Metals over it, I knew I couldn't do just that one.
Voila! Behold the amazing purple creation before you!!! I wore this for 3 days before it started to show some tip wear. I was seriously impressed with the BL topcoat, 3 layers of polish, a top coat, stamping and another top coat and that bad boy held on to all of it for 3 solid days of every day life  until day 4 which was 24 hours of non stop cake decorating (lots of shortening, powdered sugar and hand washing involved, not a quick death for a mani). I'd like to say I'm ashamed that I picked most of the polish off my fingers, but it saved me a ton of time removing the Element, so I'm not so sorry, but kinda sorta??
This mani will without a doubt be one of my top 5 favs and is destined to be repeated.