Saturday, October 20, 2012

Polish across the sea

Yay I have my very first guest post!
Amy Smith, my fabulous polish friend from the UK has most graciously written a lovely post about her love of Butter London's Marrow.

Hello my Lovelies,

Who loves Charis? I DO I DO :D She and I are newly found polish buddies, and I think she is just amazing. Although sadly as I am from over the pond in the UK and she is in the Good Ol' U S of A, chances of us meeting are slim. Still your never richer than the people you have in your life and I am blessed to have her in mine. Any old how, I guest blog for one of my friends in the UK ( if you care to go and say hello :D ) and Charis has asked me to step in with a few posts here and there to relieve the pressure of everyday life, and give you guys, her wonderful readers something to peruse when you have a free moment :D

Now, whilst I love the UK with all our stiff - upper - lipped - ness, we are a *little* behind in the times when it comes to polish and such. Don't get me wrong, we have some pretty strong brands over here which are AMAZING in all there sparkly glory, but indies and the like….. well were thin on the ground I am ashamed to say. Still, our polish is still pretty and I am hoping that I can share some of this with you, as well as a few indies I pick up along the way :D

For my first posting, I sat and pondered with a good old Cuppa Tea (and a few Oreo's NOM) what I should do, and then it hit me… Butter London. Of course! Now Butter London is hard to get in the UK, but with the wonders of on line I managed to find a few to add to my ever growing collection, and as I am a purple freak I chose to Marrow :D All Hail Butter London Marrow in all its purple loveliness. It applied like a dream and was done in 2 coats. I had little tip wear as well which was marvellous as I didn't want to take this beauty off!

Whilst they are slightly pricier, they are worth the cost, so I would recommend anyone adding a Butter to their collection :D

Until next time, from over here in rainy Blighty,
Lots of love and polish,



  1. awww i love it amy!!!! marrow is now going to be mine!!! brilliant guest post from a fellow brit yay!!! also great blog charis!! xxxx

  2. I need Butter London and I can't wait for them to reach me... BWAHAHAHA

    1. Aren't they fabulous?! I'm excited for you to get some, can't wait to see them on you :-)