Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gaze in Wonderment at Model's Own Wonderland Collection

Another amazing post by my lovely polish friend Amy Smith at Purple Polish Fair.

Howdy hi fellow polish lovers,

Seeing as I have a funny feeling you and I are going to become more acquainted in the future I thought that I would tell you a little bit about myself. I am 30 and apart from polish I love to Street Dance with a local crew who are like family to me now. I am a great believer in family comes from who you love, not always who you were born to. Any howdy who, lets get this polish show on the road shall we?

I have for you today a couple of the Model's Own collection and OMG are they stunning!!! Like all Model's Own polish, they are wonderful to apply and have a super finish once dry. Here I have for you Northern Lights, which is a subtle pink holo, which packs a massive punch when you get it in the light. WOWZER!!!
After grabbing this one, I knew the purple Southern Lights NEEDED to be mine.... but I am afraid to say I was more disappointed in this one as it was more silver than purple. Nevertheless..... its still lovely, and you can see it here with A-England's Lady of the Lake on my ring finger.

Both of these beauties are 3 coats for good measure :D So what do you think? Worthy of a USA thumbs up? 

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