Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Awesomeness that is Space Junk

My lovely polish friends, I have finally aquired some Space Junk! I've stalked @feliifel on Instagram to success when she had her very last restock on Nail Sauce. I missed the one back in September, much to my frustration, so when she said she would run one last restock, I was NOT going to miss this one.
Behold my blog reading friends,,,the awesomeness that is Space Junk!!

Isn't it beautiful?!?!  This is 2 coats and a top coat of Seche Vite. The formula is wonderful, no problems applying it and it dries quickly. It's a black base, packed full of teal, blue, gold with larger hex accents. It's like a galaxy mani on it's own!
I just can't get over how beautiful this polish is. I'm not normally a black/dark nail polish girl, but this polish definately has a spot to the front of my budding collection. 
Nail Sauce also has some lovely holo's that she's just added to be sold which have peaked my interest and I will probably be adding that set soon too. 
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gaze in Wonderment at Model's Own Wonderland Collection

Another amazing post by my lovely polish friend Amy Smith at Purple Polish Fair.

Howdy hi fellow polish lovers,

Seeing as I have a funny feeling you and I are going to become more acquainted in the future I thought that I would tell you a little bit about myself. I am 30 and apart from polish I love to Street Dance with a local crew who are like family to me now. I am a great believer in family comes from who you love, not always who you were born to. Any howdy who, lets get this polish show on the road shall we?

I have for you today a couple of the Model's Own collection and OMG are they stunning!!! Like all Model's Own polish, they are wonderful to apply and have a super finish once dry. Here I have for you Northern Lights, which is a subtle pink holo, which packs a massive punch when you get it in the light. WOWZER!!!
After grabbing this one, I knew the purple Southern Lights NEEDED to be mine.... but I am afraid to say I was more disappointed in this one as it was more silver than purple. Nevertheless..... its still lovely, and you can see it here with A-England's Lady of the Lake on my ring finger.

Both of these beauties are 3 coats for good measure :D So what do you think? Worthy of a USA thumbs up? 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blues and Greens from Across the Sea

Well my lovely readers, I'm finally getting some mani's in with my lovely polish from my UK polish sister Amy. Who, by the way, has started her very own blog! I'm so proud to present the Purple Polish Fairy by Amy Smith!! I'm so excited for her in this adventure.

I must say that I was particularly pleased with this mani. I started with 2 coats of Max Factor Max Effect in Dazzling Blue, which I was almost tempted to leave by itself, but nay - the others were begging to be used! Next up was Nails Inc. which is a no name deep teal/green cream, I used this with NC 01, the peacock feather. Then I stamped L'Oreal in Magic Croisette, and Max Factor Max Effect in Fantasy Fire with the same image over each image. Dotted the center with China Glaze in Want My Bawdy and topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite.
 I pulled a copy cat form Marta at Chit Chat Nails and pulled out some jewelry to photo with, and the weather here in Seattle let up for a brief reprieve so I was fortunate to have a lighter moment to take pictures of my mani.
So what do you think???

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Time to get my purple on!

So my UK polish sister Amy, who just did a guest post for me, was so sweet to me and bought me a couple Rainbow Honeys I was lusting after (well, one of many) Mare of the Moon and The Element of Magic. 
Rainbow Honey's website can be found here. She's just introduced the Yokai Limited Edition collection to her site, and WOW. I'm having that on the way soon too! (ignoring the growling and nasty snarls from my pocketbook)
Anyhoo, I scooped up The Element of Magic out the other day and decided to really see what it could do. I do love it solo - but I decided that I would try a little background shade to really bring out it's Magic, enter Wet n Wild's Megalast in Disturbia. Now I'm not a huge fan of the Megalast's brush, but I'm getting better at it.
So I did 1 coat of Disturbia, and then layered 2 coats of Element of Magic, with a top coat of Butter London's Hardwear Quick Dry top coat.
Isn't it fabulous?

I wore EOM for a couple of days and then my brain started wondering if I could stamp over it. So I spent some time looking over my stash to see what would work - low and behold I came across Essie's Nothing Else Metals and used it with Nailz Craze NC02 and topped it off with another quick coat of BL's quick dry. I had started out only stamping my ring finger for accent, but once I stamped Metals over it, I knew I couldn't do just that one.
Voila! Behold the amazing purple creation before you!!! I wore this for 3 days before it started to show some tip wear. I was seriously impressed with the BL topcoat, 3 layers of polish, a top coat, stamping and another top coat and that bad boy held on to all of it for 3 solid days of every day life  until day 4 which was 24 hours of non stop cake decorating (lots of shortening, powdered sugar and hand washing involved, not a quick death for a mani). I'd like to say I'm ashamed that I picked most of the polish off my fingers, but it saved me a ton of time removing the Element, so I'm not so sorry, but kinda sorta??
This mani will without a doubt be one of my top 5 favs and is destined to be repeated.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Depression Awareness

A few days ago in one of my Facebook nail polish groups, I came upon a fabulous post by an even more fabulous young lady by the name of Sally posted a most heart-felt and intimate blog with a mani that was dear to her heart, and mine. Sally's blog is Nail Pron and this post, Green Nails With A Meaning features her green mani in support of Depression Awareness, and shares the story of her battle with depression. It was a post that touched my heart, as I am a depression survivor too.
So grab a cup of coffee or tea and some kleenex and take a few minutes to read Sally's blog.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Polish across the sea

Yay I have my very first guest post!
Amy Smith, my fabulous polish friend from the UK has most graciously written a lovely post about her love of Butter London's Marrow.

Hello my Lovelies,

Who loves Charis? I DO I DO :D She and I are newly found polish buddies, and I think she is just amazing. Although sadly as I am from over the pond in the UK and she is in the Good Ol' U S of A, chances of us meeting are slim. Still your never richer than the people you have in your life and I am blessed to have her in mine. Any old how, I guest blog for one of my friends in the UK ( if you care to go and say hello :D ) and Charis has asked me to step in with a few posts here and there to relieve the pressure of everyday life, and give you guys, her wonderful readers something to peruse when you have a free moment :D

Now, whilst I love the UK with all our stiff - upper - lipped - ness, we are a *little* behind in the times when it comes to polish and such. Don't get me wrong, we have some pretty strong brands over here which are AMAZING in all there sparkly glory, but indies and the like….. well were thin on the ground I am ashamed to say. Still, our polish is still pretty and I am hoping that I can share some of this with you, as well as a few indies I pick up along the way :D

For my first posting, I sat and pondered with a good old Cuppa Tea (and a few Oreo's NOM) what I should do, and then it hit me… Butter London. Of course! Now Butter London is hard to get in the UK, but with the wonders of on line I managed to find a few to add to my ever growing collection, and as I am a purple freak I chose to Marrow :D All Hail Butter London Marrow in all its purple loveliness. It applied like a dream and was done in 2 coats. I had little tip wear as well which was marvellous as I didn't want to take this beauty off!

Whilst they are slightly pricier, they are worth the cost, so I would recommend anyone adding a Butter to their collection :D

Until next time, from over here in rainy Blighty,
Lots of love and polish,


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Perfection in Perception Nail Laquer

Hello my friends, have I got some amazing polish to show you!

This is White Lies from Perception Nail Lacquer - a custom order that the amazing creator at Perception did for me and it is FABULOUS! I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Perception has described White Lies as 'Luxurious white nail polish that has a special color effect shimmer to it. You never know what color it will be when you move it around. Heavily pigmented, took 2 coats to make opaque'  and honestly, I have nothing more to add to that, it pretty much sums it up!
I am not a white polish fan, nor a white glitter polish fan - but White Lies has changed my mind. It applies smoothly and dries quickly, I have tried it with Seche Vite topcoat and H&K Girl, and have great results with both, no shrinkage and more than acceptable tip wear, or lack thereof.

First up are the bottle shots - I really love the bottle too, the brush holder is very easy to pick up and hold, the mouth of the bottle is wide enough to not catch at the brush bristles.


Next up, is the swatch of this fabulous polish, this is just one coat, I haven't used 2 yet mostly because I've been in a hurry since I've used this and haven't taken the time to do another coat. Hopefully this week will give me a little more time to swatch this one again and some more that I want to try.

This is one of my breast cancer awareness manis - base is White Lies, and it's stamped in Sally Hansen's in Popin Pink with BM -321 and tips with Sinful Colors in Boom Boom. I used Glisten & Glow's HK Girl as the top coat.

And this is White Lies stamped over Zoya Edyta with Nailz Craze plate - isn't it fabulous!!! I'm just so impressed with this polish!!! I can't thank Perception enough for making this for me, it's one of my favorites!

Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to Heather and Britne on winning my 25 Follow Giveaway!!! Your prizes are in the mail ladies, I hope you enjoy and thank you so much for entering! :-)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness

I am particularly happy with this manicure today, as I was planning to do something completely different. But this turned out perfectly!
I started with 2 coats of Zoya in Charisma, stamped with BM -321 (thanks Christina!) and tipped with Butter West End Wonderland. Isn't it beautiful! I love this Zoya, other than it being my namesake

This picture is indoors

This is an outside picture.
What do you think??

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Challenge #2 - Black Cats

I'm so excited about this one, even if it didn't turn out quite like what I had imagined.
This is 1 coat of Ulta's Little Black Dress to paint my nails, then Ulta's Mint Condition for the eyes with LBD.
I tried to give the impression of the Cheshire Cat, but his smile didn't come out as well as I pictured it in my head. :-)  Anyways, I'm still excited the eyes came out well. :-)
Happy Thursday everyone! Don't forget to check out my sister Tartlet Challengers!

I'm back!!!!! Again.......

Holy Hannah it's been a CRAZY last few weeks!!! Juggling 3 jobs with a new one thrown in there plus kid at school, hubbys work and just life in general. Phew! My poor little blog has suffered through this and hopefully I can rekindle it and bring it back to it's fun life. And wow, I log on to find that I have over 70 followers now! That's so awesome, thanks so much to the readers that stuck with me and welcome to the new ones, hopefully I'll be able to keep up the pace a little better.

Quick reminder that my giveaway ends tomorrow, so don't forget to get your entries in, I will end the giveaway at 6pm on 10.5.12. I'm excited to find out who gets the lucky prizes! The giveaway link is here.

I've joined another challenge on Crumpet's Nail Tarts for Halloween.
Here is the lineup - Hopefully I can get all of these done, I've got a good start and have several already done and photographed, the tricky part is getting the blog post written!
Mon 01/10 - Trick or Treats (candy corn etc)
Thurs04/10 - Black Cats
Tues 09/10 - Zombies
Thurs 11/10 - Witches
Tues 16/10 - Freestyle Halloween
Thurs 18/10 - Things That Go Bump In The Night (Monsters Etc)
Tues 23/10 - Pumpkins
Thurs 25/10 - Blood/Gore/Splatter
Sat 27/10 - Influenced by Scary Movie
Wed 31/10 Recreate your fave mani (your own or someone elses)

Here is my first one, Trick or Treat, and I'll have the next one due today up in a separate post shortly. (maybe, if something doesn't come up ;-))
Don't forget to check out the other challenge posts from my other Tartlets! :-)
Happy Thursday!