Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SoFlaJo Enchantment, Part 2

I'm finally getting around to getting the review of the SoFlaJo Enchantment done. Holy cow it's been a crazy few days and my blogging has suffered for it. Anyhoo, back to the review.
Enchantment has quickly become my favorite color changing top coat. From what I'm learning about the different kinds of polish, this is considered a duochrome polish because of it's ability to reflect different kinds of colors with the flecks used. It has an aqua base, per it's home site here . 
So far, I'm really impressed with the versatility of this polish, if you're feeling like a minimalist, it can be worn alone, as seen in my first photo (sorry for the stubby index finger, it had a disagreement with the counter top and lost!)

 One coat on my index, two coats on my middle finger, three on my ring finger, and 4 coats on my pinkie. I had no issue with the formula, it went on smoothly, and I was pretty impatient with getting it on, so it didn't wait very long in between coats - no bubbling or streaking of the previous coat
 Here I decided to try some random colors - naturally I reach for the blues, I'm a bluey at heart. ;-)
My index is swatched with one coat of China Glace For Audrey, middle finger is one coat of CG in Turned Up Turquoise, ring finger is Wet n Wild Megalast in I Red A Good Book, and pinkie is WnW Megalast in On A Trip. As you can see, it is a true aqua base and favors the tints of the first two colors, but I'm thinking that the red would be a great base for a stamping idea. I intend to explore that again in another post.

 This little guy was an afterthought, I was putting my polishes away getting ready to write this up and I saw my lovely OPI Jade Is The New Black and couldn't resist trying it. I love it - it's a perfect fit together, and I indend to do another mani with this combo.
So let me know what you think! This is my first actual review, so please feel free to lend me some tips on how I can improve with my writing. Bottom line is, I love this polish, and will probably be purchasing some more of SoFlaJo's products in the future.
Happy Tuesday everyone!


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