Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bike MS 150 Ride

I had such a great time today! My husband and I rode 70+ miles on our bicycles for Bike MS, which is a fabulous fabulous society that helps people with multiple sclerosis, from items that help improve their life, to sponsoring them at college, to education about the disease and support for them.
 Bike MS  is their website.
This is a serious, debilitating disease that can take a health adult/child from living life full throttle to barely being able to just take care of themselves and every stage in between.
I was excited to ride this ride, just because my husband did last year and loved the Cour d'Alene Trail; but in my fundraising efforts, a friend of mine sent me a Facebook  message to express their appreciation of my efforts for MS, because this friend herself has MS. I do know a couple of other people that suffer from it, but with this friend, it really hit hard.
I also discovered that for Washington state where I am, we have the highest MS ratio in the U.S. Nationwide, the ratio is 50 out of 100,000 people are diagnosed with MS, in Washington, its 150-200 to 100,000 people! That's far too many people.
 After learning all this information, the ride wasn't just about cycling the miles, it was about remembering the people that suffer from MS and participating in something that could improve the quality of life for someone with MS, contribute to finding a cure one day for MS, and an expression of gratitude on my part for just being able to click my shoes into my bike clips and ride down the road without restrictions. Well, at least until my legs gave out and my butt was just done sitting on the seat ;-) Still, 70+ miles isn't something to sniff at, and I'm proud as hell that I was able to contribute and ride in this event. My husband and I, along with several of our friends, contributed $500 for the Bike MS, and let me tell you my friends, that was the BEST $500 ever raised/spent. And the people here are just amazing, such great camaraderie, no one's a stranger in the Bike MS events.
In the spirit of the event, I did a mani just for it.
I started with 1 coat of Sinful Colors in Savage, stamped with BM -21, and the Bike MS is in acrylic paint. I topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite, and I'm still rocking it tonight!! :-)
Happy Saturday everyone! What's on your nails for this weekend?

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