Friday, August 17, 2012

PCFC - August 18th Bumblebees

This is one of my favorite manis so far. Mostly because I didn't glean any ideas from someone else, it's totally original. I do need to work on the structure of combining stamping with adding color to the bee/image though.
I originally thought it would be better to complete the bumblebee by stamping it then adding color to it first then stamp the flower, but as I did it, I discovered that I should have stamped both the bee and the flower accent, then go back and add the color to the bee. Oh well, it was a good lesson learned. Any tips on that one? I'd love any comments you might have.
I started with 2 coats of Wet n Wild in Tickled Pink, which I love. It's such a fabulously feminie pink, without being obnoxiously pinky.
 I stamepd the bee in Sinful Colors Black on Black with SH-03 and added some Sally Hanson's Mellow Yellow for the body and face and Sinful Colors Tokyo Peark for the wings. Then I stamped the flower in SH-01 in Sinful Colors Dream On

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