Thursday, August 16, 2012

PCFC - August 14 Summer Needle Drag

Well I'm back to the challenges, hopefully after my crazy last week things will start to go back to normal and I can get back to being on time, though it looks like this one is not to be the start of that!
Goodness, just when I think that I've got things back to normal, my day is gone and I'm left wondering what the heck has happened!
Anyways, enough of my whinging. :-) On to the Summer Challenge
I started with 1 thick coat of Zoya Moxie and while it was still wet, I applied a quick stroke of the Color Club in Blue-Ming and Wet n Wild in Tickled Pink. As you can see, I started on my pinkie with a not so successful glob, but I quickly caught on to a different method on the rest of my fingers, and am fairly pleased with the results.
I will definitely be attempting this mani again, after I've done some more research on how different techniques.

What about you? How are you feeling/thinking about this mani, and if you've tried it, what tips/tricks do you have to share?
Happy Wednesday!

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