Friday, July 27, 2012

PCFC July 27th Olympic Opening Ceremony/Flag

There is so much history behind the Olympics - it's an amazing tradition originating from Greece, with recorded games dating 776 B.C.
The first event was running - a cook named Coroebus ran 192 meters (naked) and won, making him the first Olympic Champion. What a long ways the events have come now!
What's your favorite event??

This mani bears two flags - USA and Australia. My mother is Australian, and I love my family there deeply, so there's no way I could do an Olympic Flag mani without both. I'm pretty excited at how it turned out too!

Thumb and middle finger with the USA flag are 1 coat of NYC Long Wearing in Big Apple Red Creme stripped with NYC Long Wearing French White Tip, Pure Ice French Kiss for the corner with French White Tip for the stars
Pointer and pinky finger are Pure Ice French Kiss, with NYC in French Tip, for the stars and star base, with NYC Big Apple Red for the jack.
Ring finger is 2 coats of NYC French White Tip, and I free handed the rings and 2012. No too shabby if I do say myself! :-)
Enjoy the games!

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