Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PCFC - July 11 - Pink + Purple

Todays challenge is pink and purple, and I'm feeling pretty good about this mani, even though I did kind of mess up the design. :-)
Started with 2  coats of Sinful Colors in Bianca - I love this colour, it's feminine/girly pink but sophisticated. I should have taken a photo of it before I stamped, but I will swatch it again for another post.
Then I stamped in Sinful Colors Dream On with SE-18 butterfly. I was surprised at how well this stamped, I didn't have to redo any of the pick ups and it transfered from the stamp perfectly. (it was just me and my wonky sight that can't line up the stamp very well, hehe)
I used a dotting tool to apply Sinful Colors in Dream On, and this is where  I goofed up. I thought I would be clever and do the dots on the left side of one finger and the right side of another,,,,,yeah that would have worked out if I had thought of it ahead of time when I was stamping, but alas, my left hand is doomed to be the misfit. Ah well, live and learn. :-)
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  1. Very cute. I love how well a lot of the Sinful Color polishes stamp, especially the darker and brighter ones.

    1. Thanks Malissa! I was surprised when I was experimenting how well the creamy/matte finishes work and was so excited to have some existing polishes to stamp with! My polish budget is excited about it too, hehe.