Thursday, June 21, 2012

Repost of The Crumpets blog

A well written commentary on an issue I'm only now becoming familiar with. As a newcomer to the 'Nail World' I've been hearing snippets of what i have come to thinks of as 'The Days of Linderella', with some wonder and confusion. Indie nail polish and franken polishes are still new to me, however I'm ecstatic at what I've seen through various other blogs, with the brave souls that labor over such creations, with such unique creativity and style.
It is my sincere hope that these fabulous people are able to continue to explore their polish creativity and overcome what appears to be a rather harsh blow to the indie polish community.
I'm reposting Lady Crumpets blog simply because from what I understand of this issue, she is spot on. It is a very well written, void of negativity yet a clear sentiment of her disappointment with the events that have transpired, and as you can see from her blog replies, echoes many others.

Happy reading!

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